special feature: who is popcorn bear?


last week, an unknown visitor showed up out of the blue at the home of my friends Noah and Jessica. is he a fan making a pilgrimage to the skull-a-day artist’s home in hopes of an autograph for his skulls or any of Noah’s other snazzy books on creativity? or is he searching for...
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visiting my eye doctor


everyone likes a good adventure and few things are more exciting than my annual excursion to visit my eye doctor! i always come a little early for my appointment so that i can check in with the front office staff and we can catch up on the what we’ve been doing since my last...
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Ask Monkey – Pour or Wait?

Black Tea

“Should I wait for the boiled water to stop bubbling, before I pour it over the loose black tea...
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ask monkey – try chai?


Dear Monkey, Should someone attempt chai early in their tea drinking career? Rebecca rebecca, any time is the right...
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cooking with monkey


panettone bread pudding

my friend here is quiet, lonely and stale.   many panettones are after the holiday season has passed and they are no longer in the limelight. despite his gloomy exterior, i know his heart yearns to become a warm, delectable and comforting bread pudding. please remember that this kind of stale loneliness is not...


latkes (potato pancakes)

my two little friends from idaho have graciously consented to be turned into potato pancakes or as i like to call them latkes. each of my pals weigh about a pound each. i like to call them chubby, but they insist they are just big boned. after thanking them profusely. i peel my little...


gran’s apple crumble

hello crumble fans! without a doubt this is one of everyone’s favorite recipes!  it was given to my friend craig by his grandmum and he passed it on to me.  i have cherished, shared and enjoyed it ever since. i begin by measuring 1/2 cup of self rising flowing into a bowl.  it’s soft...

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